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Take it from Mr. Pig: When it comes to value and freshness, you can’t beat Piggly Wiggly. With over 530 stores in 17 states, Piggly Wiggly has been bringing home the bacon for millions of American families for over 100 years.


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719 reviews
  • Lynn Hance
    Lynn Hance
    3 months ago

    Excellent customer service! Everytime I go in there's always someone making sure Ive found everything I need. Very friendly and clean.

  • John Higby
    John Higby
    3 months ago

    This looks like a fairly new store. It's very clean. The product selection is about what you can expect from a small town grocery store. They have Wednesday specials that are usually pretty good. They also run some good meat sales. The staff is friendly.

  • tiffany bartolotta
    tiffany bartolotta
    6 months ago

    The second of the only two stores in town. Great staff and love that they source local produce. The cost plus 10% isn't always getting the best price.

  • Wendy Lane
    Wendy Lane
    2 months ago

    Nice clean store! Manager is awesome! Nice helpful employees

  • Kat Guillot
    Kat Guillot
    9 months ago

    Staff People are helpful, produce is more fresh than other in-town store and bathroom is at front of store and always clean. The selection is limited but management will order whatever you need as long as it is not another store brand. Again, the people are helpful AND readily available.

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