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Their Mission: To be the most sustainable producer and reliable supplier of consistent, high quality fresh eggs and egg products in the country, demonstrating a “Culture of Sustainability” in everything they do.


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  • Leslie Maddox
    Leslie Maddox
    2 months ago

    I currently work here and I hate it. I started on nightshift sanitation crew through a temp service. At first we could get a lot of overtime. Soon as I got hired on with CALMAINE they cut out the overtime, right before Christmas they give us no choice but to either go to dayshift packing eggs or no job. This company does not care about its employees. I do not suggest anyone to work for this company!!

  • Jennifer Musgrove
    Jennifer Musgrove
    a month ago

    Don't work there unkess you like to be used and smiled at to your face and downed for all you do behind your back... Then if you say anything about how your treated you'll be fired on the spot. Even though they are calling the ones who walk out in the middle of a shift back to work. I had never missed a day in over a year. But I respectfully stood up for myself and got fired three day before Christmas.

  • Willie McCoy
    Willie McCoy
    a year ago

    Only egg farm I've been to where I couldn't even park in front of the gate. Guess they don't want us stealing eggs

  • Teri Rozier
    Teri Rozier
    2 years ago

    Cause they have the best eggs

  • juan ruiz
    juan ruiz
    a year ago

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