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Premium steaks and more served with quintessential southern hospitality!


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  • Melissa Mounsey
    Melissa Mounsey
    7 months ago

    This place is in a small town in Georgia called Blackshear. It's a farming county. The restaurant is set in an old Victorian 2 story house. Right now, it's decorated for Christmas. Nothing flashy, but very tasteful. The food was outstanding, the service was amazing & did I mention the food was outstanding. He had mussels for an appetizer, we both had steak, I added fried shrimp to my meal, & we shared dessert. It was well worth the price.

  • Heidi Mundell
    Heidi Mundell
    9 months ago

    Run, don't walk to this wonderful restaurant. This restaurant is different than the rest. The food is amazing. The staff is attentive and inviting. The atmosphere is unlike anything we have around here. It's an upscale establishment, but not stuffy. Do yourself a favor and order that Lava Cake, it's amazing.

  • Adam “VisibilityV” thevisibility

    This is a lovely old house with an event venue and restaurant. The food and service were both excellent. They have a great selection of soups for lunch. We will have to come back and try their dinner, but we are looking forward to it.

  • Robin Leoffler
    Robin Leoffler
    a month ago

    The old house is really beautiful with period furniture and great atmosphere and the service was great but for the prices of the food I expected much better, I ordered shrimp and grits which was supposed to have blackened shrimp but came out with unflavored boiled shrimp, I took one bite and was not impressed with the overall flavor of the dish. My friend ordered prime rib and was told the only temperature option was medium well or above, but he ordered it anyway and it came out well done. I also had the she crab soup with was pretty good. Overwhelming prices for underwhelming food. They definitely need a chef to elevate to food to the level of the prices and atmosphere. We will not return.

  • Brad Harper
    Brad Harper
    5 months ago

    Went to J Leonard's in Blackshear this weekend and in my opinion it was ok. I order the Stuffed Mushroom appetizers & Prime Rib Special, Twice Baked Potato, with a Cesar Salad. My Wife ordered Fillet Mignon, Twice Baked Potato, with a Garden Salad. The Stuffed Mushrooms were excellent. I ordered my Prime Rib Medium Rare, but it came to me more Medium to Medium Well. The seasoning was good, but it didn't come with any Au Jus or Horseradish Sauce for dipping like most Prime Ribs do. The Twice Baked Potato was good, and both my Wife and I loved our salads. My wife's steak didn't turn out too good. She ordered her Fillet Medium Well. It came out Medium Rare or a little below. It also had deep black char marks on the sear making it taste a little burnt. She sent it back, and when it came back it was still red in the center of the steak. Medium Rare in some spots, and Medium in others. It was Medium Well around the outer edge. The char marks on the sear were even blacker and it definitely had a burnt taste when chewing. The most disappointing thing about the Fillet was it had fat running thru it, almost like it was a Ribeye. Fillets aren't suppose to be served with fat on them. And before there are any comments saying you can't cook a Fillet to Medium Well without burning it, I do it all the time with steaks that are 1.5 to 2 inches thick. I sent a pic to my steak buddy and asked him what kind of cut it was, he immediately replied Ribeye. My wife didn't finish her steak, she gave it to me. Although the steaks didn't turn out great, the service was excellent. Our Waiter was on point, and another waiter even came over and tried to interact with my Grand Daughter (who is very shy). I would of liked the lights to be turned down a little dimmer in the dining area to chill the mood a little. It was pretty bright. The Desserts were very tasty, I got the Strawberry topped Cheesecake, and my Wife got Crème Brulee. I had high hopes coming here after seeing all the positive reviews. I love a good steak! Pic attached of the Fillet before I finished it off. I wish I would of got a pic of the whole thing. You can see the fat on it. Service 5 out of 5 Main Course 3 out of 5 Sides 4 out of 5 Dessert 5 out of 5 Ambience 4 out of 5

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