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A 231-bed, full service, acute care medical facility that has been providing high quality medical care to the greater Waycross community and southeast Georgia region for more than 60 years. Their success is the result of a team effort that is focused on caring for you and your family.


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  • H Hale
    H Hale
    4 months ago

    We had a very positive experience! They got us in quickly, we barely had to wait at all, and within a very short time we were out the door. The doctor came and answered our questions and was very thorough. Overall (despite the day we showed up and were told we’d been rescheduled without notice) everything went smoothly and quickly. I felt as if the doctor and nurses were very competent and polite, and actually cared. That was a pleasant surprise.

  • Katrina Rockett
    Katrina Rockett
    6 months ago

    The people were so sweet and attentive. I only had one issue, receiving the medications that were listed on my medications list that was presented whenever I checked in. Some were forgotten or just not given. The nurses were doing the best they could to make sure it was communicated to the doctors what was needed. Sometimes it was lost in communications. Other than that, I was treated wonderfully and the people were awesome.

  • Penny Hallman
    Penny Hallman
    4 months ago

    The nurse when I first got to my room, was not so great, didn't help me get up or go to bathroom...and that was right after surgery. But when shift was a very great experience. Even the preop nurses were great in getting me prepped for surgery. I had the best experience as one can being in the hospital. Very kind and courteous staff!!!

  • Alice Robinson
    Alice Robinson
    2 months ago

    I received an immediate assessment with wait time zero. The Doctor was an unusual provider with qualities of compassion, concerns and close observation with my care. As a matter of fact he was the main provider that came in and out of my room on many occasions. He gave me a sense of security and hopes of being in his best interest. My only complaint is that I was not oriented to call light that I could have used to remind nurses to connect me back to blood pressure machine since this was my reason for being there. Special thanks and appreciation to the wonderful doctor on your team

  • Laura Ginn
    Laura Ginn
    2 months ago

    Greeter at registration was phenomenal. She was super kind and welcoming. She went above and beyond to make sure I was okay due to serve nerve pain. Registration staff was friendly and efficient. X Ray team was excellent. They made sure I was as comfortable as possible and were very kind and supportive.

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