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A 231-bed, full service, acute care medical facility that has been providing high quality medical care to the greater Waycross community and southeast Georgia region for more than 60 years. Their success is the result of a team effort that is focused on caring for you and your family.


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  • Tammy Knowles
    Tammy Knowles
    3 months ago

    Hospital experience from ER to hospital stay to post care was amazing. All the staff is caring especially in dietary. My favorite time of the day was visits from dietary. The people who work there are so caring and always smiling. It’s the same all around staff are hospitable. Nursing staff will take time to teach you about what’s going with you. Even post care I had to get an ultrasound and had an amazing experience. I came out with more understanding than I went in. Patient teaching seems like a priority to help you understand what is going on with your body. I love my Memorial Satilla experience and am happy to receive the care I have gotten so far.

  • Mary Russell
    Mary Russell
    3 months ago

    Only gave 1 star because negative 50 isn't an option. Unfortunately, my experience's here have been the worst care (or lack thereof) I have ever received and/or witnessed. They do not provide patient advocates. The ER staff (more specifically, a young African American male who I believe is the Dr most often at this location and EVERY security guard I've encountered at this facility) lacks proper etiquette pertaining to bedside manner and sheer human compassion. On the three most recent occasions I have visited here, the lack of respect and empathy for the patients was absolutely the most lacking out of many many care facilities myself and family frequent. No one informs you what is going on, what the plan is, what they tests they are performing on you, what the results were for the tests that you have no clue what they are for anyhow. I was in the ER waiting for a bed to admitted to another facility and in the 2 days I was there, I was never offered food, drink, a blanket, a pillow. Literally nothing. I decided to leave due to the fact that no one was doing anything to help, no one informed me of what they discovered, no one even told me I was waiting on a bed elsewhere. I was not given my daily prescriptions I must take!!! When I chose to leave, I was accosted by security, chased like a rabbit during hunting season, and then they refused to give me back my personal property, as in my CLOTHES! When I contacted the head of security, he was worse than those under his command. To this day, I have still never been given my belongings back even though I called and went up there 3 times requesting my clothing! I won't keep going with this review, I will simply advise any and everyone to stay as far away from this location as humanly possible. Go to Brunswick, they are phenomenal in every way and will properly care for you, keep you in the know about everything they are doing, why they are doing it, the outcome they are expecting from it, they feed you, they are compassionate, respectful, friendly, and have far more advanced equipment and the employees are well versed, well trained, and very knowledgeable!

  • Stephanie T Evans Greenham

    Came in to the ER and was greeted by the sweetest gal at the window. Most all of the nurses were so sweet and caring, the ER doctor was gentle and kind, and very attentive. I was admitted and ended up staying for 4 days. Almost all of the hospital staff was caring and so helpful, from the doctors down to housekeeping and nutrition. My ICU nurse Laci was one of the best nurses I've crossed paths with. Overall, I felt comfortable with the staff and their competency.

  • Sarah Ann Lawson
    Sarah Ann Lawson
    5 months ago

    So I had a hysterectomy on Monday 04/17/2023. Dr Borders my Obgyn was amazing and removed my uterus and cervix and took care of the scar tissue that grew into my bladder. After surgery I had to go to the labor and delivery floor. My nurses who took care of me Lindsey, Nancy, and Madison, Adrienne took very good care of me and were amazing in my care. I’m very pleased with my doctor and nurses. They made sure to control my pain and help me through my healing process. I recommend to see Dr Borders and if you have surgery you will love the nurses on the labor and delivery floor and how they will treat you and how professional and caring they are. If any of my nurses see this or if you see this Dr Borders thank you so much. I’m so grateful for y’all.

  • Lea Herndon
    Lea Herndon
    4 months ago

    Very good experience! All employees at check-in were very professional and kind. I was seen in a timely manner at check-in and at my appointment time in the imaging department. Technician was very personable, professional,thoughtful & sweet to make sure i was as comfortable as i could be for the mammogram.

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